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1099NEC Pack of 50

The IRS has released the 2020 Form 1099-NEC (NEC stands for Non-Employee Compensation). The new form replaces Form 1099-MISC for reporting nonemployee compensation (in Box 7), shifting the role of the 1099-MISC for reporting all other types of compensation. You should now use the 1099-MISC for non-box 7 reporting. The type of payments typically required to be reported on this form include royalties, rent, prizes and awards.

You must also file Form 1099-MISC for anyone from whom you withheld federal income tax under the backup withholding rules, regardless of the amount. In some cases, you will need to file both a 1099-NEC and a 1099-MISC for the same individual.

Click below for information about the new1099 NEC form

1099 NEC Informational Guide

Sold in packs of 50.

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